Naval Gazing

Friday 10th July 2015

There are many Blogs about the Ordinariates now. Some are better than others. We at “forgiveourfoolishways” enjoy the funny ones best (Ignatius his Conclave), next in our favourite list are the news ones (Ordinariate News (from Ordinariate Expats)), and our least favourite Blogs are the ones that claim to be serious and thoughtful. In the main they are boring, tedious, and indulge in naval gazing. On and on they go, with their eyes never raised about their own short term agenda.

Our special dislike are the Blogs that use hundreds of words to explain to us, over and over again, just what the Ordinariates are. These specialise in long explanations of “Anglican Patrimony”.

Like those so-called experts in prayer, who prefer to talk about it rather than actually do it, they spend hours on their subject when it would be so much more profitable if they concentrated on living this “patrimony”. The admirable Father Ed Tomlinson knows all about this “lived patrimony”, and puts it into practice with every fibre of his being.

One has met so many of these so-called “experts” who go on and on in a pseudo-intellectual way, yet seem incapable of actually putting into practice what they preach.

The Ordinariates appears to be over-blest with these “experts” and rather short on those who actually put the Faith into practice in general, and within the context of the  Ordinariate in particular. In short, we need “doers” of the Word, and not just “hearers” of the Word.

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